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Street: 11A, Bai Yun Building, 10 Wai Ching Street, Jordan, Kowloon
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Profile: Eden is an anti-trafficking NGO that aims to bring hope, freedom, support, and opportunities to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our innovative programs are targeted towards reducing vulnerability to trafficking, and raising awareness of trafficking trends while simultaneously working to rescue & restore trafficked women and girls. We offer training in various beauty services such as jewelry making, sewing, nail art, and hair and makeup, allowing those who were once physically exploited to pursue a constructive vocation honouring their inner and outer beauty. All our jewelry is handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking, who are offered full time salaried positions. By purchasing our pieces, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of these brave women, enabling them to continue in their new profession by supporting their creativity and providing and outlet for their products. With almost 20 years of frontline operation, Eden has successfully rescued over 1,800 victims across Southeast Asia, with a particular focus on Myanmar, where international support is limited. Eden's offices are located in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Denmark. Our extensive jewelry range of products are suitable for retail, individual, and corporate gifts.


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