Planning for a Smooth and Tax Efficient Move to the UK


About the Event

For those considering an eventual or imminent return to the UK, it is important to understand the key considerations for a tax-efficient move as well as the social implications of settling back in the country after being away for a period of time. After enjoying low-income tax on earnings, no tax on investment income and no National Insurance deductions, moving back to a high tax jurisdiction like the UK can often end up being a shock and a huge setback. However, with a little care and planning, the UK can actually be surprisingly tax-efficient.

Our Event Partner, Select Investors​, invites you to join the first in-person presentation of this kind since 2019; where attendees will have the chance to ask our panel of experts their questions on the main planning issues and opportunities which will make a real difference in UK repatriation. The event will also be valuable to non-British nationals who may have to relocate to the UK for work reasons.


Venue Name
Ashurst LLP