Fred DaCosta


Fred DaCosta founded G Gear in 2005 from the ground up and has served as CEO since inception. Under his leadership, G Gear succeeded in grossing approximately $998,000 in annual revenue and as a result, has been awarded for outstanding service by the 1/509th Airborne Infantry of the U.S. Army as well as other military entities. G Gear has been lauded by many other private commercial entities for outstanding service as well. Since Fred does come from a military household and background, his mission is to provide indisputable, consistent and outstanding service to our U.S. Military and other Federal Government sources as well as to the private sector. Fred's experience, devotion and focus has given the impetus to the culture and attitude at G Gear which is summed up by its own mission and slogan: "There are too many variables in this world for there ever to be, an impossibility ... Gear UP!"

Fred began his diverse and expansive journey in business and finance by attending CUNY College (Queens) and Pace University with multiple majors. He then became a Stock Broker on Wall St. He is a graduate of The Dale Carnegie Institute and was recruited by the same organization to coach candidates with an emphasis on practical elements that offer the layman, middle management or CEO, leadership, knowledge and skills that enhance the value of organizations and advance careers. Fred enlisted in the Air Force in 1996, with perfect scoring, as Operations Intelligence Specialist which afforded him the required National Security Clearance. Consecutively, Fred continued to use his financial knowledge and entrepreneurial strengths by joining forces with PrePaid Legal Services, obtained various FTC Licenses and proceeded to build a team that currently leads hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses across the United States and Canada. He is responsible for generating high revenues and leading a team of members for a company that continues to grow exponentially and is now known as the reputable and booming LegalShield. Additionally, Fred became VP with the largest business networking organization globally. With the combination of his reserve military experience and his self-made success with Legal Shield, he continues to be a top producer, leader and sought after business identity in today's market